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Dairy Australia

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Bringing nutrition education and the importance of calcium to more Aussie kids.

Dairy Australia and Life Ed both believe in educating children to make healthier, more informed lifestyle choices – to bring nutrition education; and the importance of calcium to more Aussie kids. 

It’s important to educate children on the importance of calcium for growing bodies, but also teach kids about where dairy foods come from and the hardworking Aussie dairy communities who make fresh, nutritious milk to drink every day. 

In Australia, 8 out of 10 kids do not consume enough calcium. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend primary school aged children consume between 2-3 serves of dairy or dairy alternatives a day. 

Life Ed teaches kids that dairy or dairy alternatives and exercise all play an essential role in the growth and development of children’s teeth and bones, so it’s important to educate on the health benefits of calcium as part of a balanced diet through these formative years.  


  • The upgrade of TAM-e, our innovative 3D and augmented reality technologies. Dairy Australia funded the upgrade with the addition of the new Skeletal system, we can now show young people about fascinating bones and how calcium helps to make them strong.  
  • Engaging and educational resources have been developed to help teachers, parents and kids learn more about dairy as a great source of calcium. 
  • Spreading the word about the importance of healthy lunch boxes for kids as a Partner of Australia’s Healthiest Lunchbox.
  • Amplifying Dairy Australia’s, Healthy Bones Action week with a fun and education competition for kids to learn more about how to build healthy bones. 

To discover more useful resources for kids and teachers visit Discover Dairy Library.