Ways to Get Involved

More green time, less screen time

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

The benefits of outdoor play are equally well known as the addictive nature of screens among children.

As parents, we all need support and ideas to help get the kids out of the house, off their screens and involved in some physical and nature based activities. This outdoor play also helps to relieve boredom, reduce stress and foster creativity and imagination.

  • Green screen beating ideas
  • Build a bed sheet fort – build a fort using furniture, sheets and empty boxes.
  • Start a vegetable patch – Not sure what to grow? Check out the Yates Garden Calendar
  • Make a friendly scarecrow – have fun building your very own garden defender
  • Go on a butterfly and ladybird hunt – go on an insect safari in your own backyard
  • Play backyard games – Have you ever played croquet? Make some hoops out of wire coat hangers, push them into the lawn and try to hit a tennis ball along the ground through the hoops with a bat of some kind. You can also make homemade bocce using different coloured balls. Use one ball as the target, stand a few metres away and then try to throw your ball so it lands closest to the target ball.