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10000 of gardening grants available for schools

Wednesday, 5 Jun 2019

Encouraging children, schools and families to improve their physical activity levels and nutrition, we are have partnered with Yates® Gardening once again to offer 10 Growing Good Gardens Grants each worth $1,000.

We received over 750 applications in 2018 and are excited to see what schools and community groups have planned for 2019!


Teachers, coaches and community leaders alike are encouraged to apply for a grant to create a garden space where kids can learn healthy habits and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Getting kids’ hands grubby in the garden is not only a great way for them to be active out in the fresh air, but also teaching where their food comes from and encourage healthy eating.

“For more than 40 years we have been partnering with schools across Australia to empower children with the skills and knowledge to make safe and healthy choices. The Growing Good Gardens Grants program extends the Life Education lesson from the classroom to the garden, getting kids active and teaching them first-hand about the benefits of healthy eating” said Verity Blackman, Life Education Australia CEO.

Apply for the Growing Good Gardens Grant
Applying is easy; visit lifeeducation.org.au/gardengrants and complete the application form to win. Applications close 17th June 2019.