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National Partners

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Corporate partnerships are essential for the development and delivery of Life Ed to over 700,000 kids each year.

Our wonderful partners

Partner with Life Ed to help more kids thrive!
Woolworths Fresh Food Kids

Woolworths - Platinum partner

Woolworths Fresh Food Kids and Life Ed helping Aussie kids make healthier food choices.

Sanitarium - Gold partner

Sanitarium helping to raise a nation of healthier Aussie kids!
Dairy Australia

Dairy Australia - Silver partner

Bringing nutrition education and the importance of calcium to more Aussie kids.
Precision Group

Precision Group - Silver partner

Precision Group is committed to building stronger Australian Children.
Acco Brands

Acco Brands - Silver partner

Healthy Harold to appear on over 400,000 stationery products thanks to our partnership with ACCO Brands.