Ways to Get Involved


For Years 5 - 6

Choices about drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s everyday life. In this module students explore the decision-making process. They develop their own decision-making skills by looking at their choices and the consequences of them, their responsibilities, and the influences on their decision-making.


This module explores the physical, social, financial and legal impacts of alcohol and other drugs. It equips students with the critical thinking skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions, now and in the future. By recognising their responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others, students identify strategies to make responsible decisions in unsafe situations and social dilemmas. 

Life Ed programs are not just a visit, they’re a 4-step student pathway! So make use of the whole multimodal pathway… the pre visit lesson; the Life Ed Educator visit; the 2 post visit lessons, the booster sessions and the parent communication.

Learning outcomes include:
  • Investigating myths, facts and social norms
  • Strategies and skills to be safe
  • Understanding what drugs are and how they are classified
  • Influences on decision making (family, peers, media, culture, financial & legal)