Ways to Get Involved

Safety Rules

For Years 1 - 2

Harold and his friends go camping, but when Boots gets injured on a hike, how will they look after each other and make it back to camp?


We focus on important safety messages as students consider what is and is not an emergency and how to call 000 if needed. When Boots twists her ankle, Harold goes through the right steps, empowering students to know what to do when there’s an accident. Key messages include how to keep yourself safe in various situations, how to be a good friend and look after the people you care about.

Life Ed programs are not just a visit, they’re a 4-step student pathway!

So make use of the whole multimodal pathway… the pre visit lesson; the Life Ed Educator visit; the 2 post visit lessons, the booster lessons and the parent communication. The key learning areas covered include:
  • Recognising safe and unsafe environments
  • How to care for others
  • Behaviors that maintain friendships
  • Places and people who we can go to for help