Ways to Get Involved

Primary Parent Flyers

The parent flyers will tell you what your child learned and how you can help them consolidate and apply their new knowledge at home.

Being involved and having positive conversations about what your child is learning helps extend teaching outside the classroom, and assists them to consolidate their understanding of concepts.

Primary Modules

This flyer will tell you what your child learned and how you can help them apply their new knowledge.

Take A Breath

Students investigate the issues around vaping and smoking. Students are encouraged to stop and "take a breath", ask questions, seek answers, and exercise critical thinking skills before making a decision.

Friends and Feelings

Presented in engaging comic book-style videos, the lesson revolves around a conflict between old friends, Boots and Red. When Red runs off, upset, Boots starts to feel sick in her stomach. With help from their friendship group, they sort things out.

Think Twice

Using hypothetical and real life video scenarios and animations, this module tackles the tough topic of alcohol in an age-appropriate way. It explores the impact of alcohol on individuals and the community.

The Inside Story

This fun interactive lesson is set in a kid’s TV news program. A team of young scientists shrink Harold and place him in a tiny capsule so he can travel inside the body and report back on what he sees.

Safety Rules

Harold and his friends go camping, but when Boots gets injured on a hike, how will they look after each other and make it back to camp?

Relate Respect Connect

Relate Respect Connect is all about friendships and other relationships. People and friendships can change. This module helps students navigate the changes in friendships that often happen during this transitional stage of life.

Ready Steady Go!

Harold and his friends are super excited! It’s their school sports day. How will they prepare for their race? And how will they deal with their nerves? Yikes!

My Body Matters

Children join Healthy Harold to learn about hygiene, healthy foods, the benefits of getting the right amount of physical activity and sleep… plus ways to keep safe at home, at school and in the community. However, while things don’t always go to plan, it’s great to know we can problem solve together.

Harold's Friend Ship

Making new friends is one of the most important skills children will learn at school. Your class will join Healthy Harold as he discovers the importance of relationships, gains skills to make and repair friendships, and identifies and manages his emotions.

Growing Good Friends

Harold battles to figure out what to give his grandma for her birthday, until his friends Boots and Red, step in and offer some good ideas. This animated story highlights the role that positive relationships play in health and wellbeing.


Choices about drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s everyday life. In this module students explore the decision-making process. They develop their own decision-making skills by looking at their choices and the consequences of them, their responsibilities, and the influences on their decision-making.


This up-to-date module explores a range of contemporary issues including recognising the body clues that warn us about unsafe or potential predatory behaviours and learning how to react to risks and report problems online. Online privacy and respectful relationships are also covered.