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Smoking Busting The Myths

Thursday, 29 Feb 2024

Ever since smoking was branded as "cool" by advertisers and celebrities, health advocates have been working to bust the myths that surround this dangerous, and often, sadly, deadly, habit.

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Let’s start busting myths…

1. If I quite smoking I will put on weight

On average, a smoker can gain 5kg when quitting smoking, but the benefits – longer life expectancy, lung capacity and brighter teeth to name a few – of quitting smoking far outweigh any potential weight gain. In fact, any initial weight gain can be offset as the person starts to feel the health benefits of quitting. 

So, if you’re about to quit, or supporting someone who is, stock up on healthy foods and plan to be active! 

2. “Roll Your Own” are a healthier option

A huge misconception – while some homemade or organic foods are better for you than store-bought options, there is no such thing as a healthy cigarette.

3. Smoking relieves stress

For some, a cigarette at the end of a stressful day may feel like a release. In reality, their heart rate and blood pressure actually rises, but they feel “relaxed” because they have temporality stopped the stressful feelings of nicotine withdrawal. 

The answer to getting past the stressful feelings of withdrawal is distraction. Take a walk, have a shower, get active, sing, dance…anything to avoid it. Do it often enough to break the habit. 

4. It’s ok, I’m just a “social smoker”

There’s no healthy level of smoking. Every cigarette does damage – and there’s the risk of developing a dangerous habit. Not many “social smokers’ find they are able to avoid becoming daily smokers. .

5. The damage is done, there’s no point quitting now

You’re right, smokers are already at risk, but the benefits of quitting are instant! 

By not having that next cigarette, a person’s heart rate with reduces within 20 minutes, the carbon monoxide in their blood drops in less than a day and by this time next year, their risk of heart disease will be half what it is today. 

There’s no such thing as healthy (or healthier smoking).