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Ready Steady Go

For Year 1
Ready Steady Go - Primary Program Module

Harold and his friends are ready for their big race at the school athletics carnival. Or are they? When one member of their relay team doesn’t show up, what will they do?


Focusing on the benefits of healthy eating, physical activity, how our bodies react to stressful or unsafe situations and help seeking strategies. This module examines the many dimensions of health including feelings and emotions, safe and unsafe situations and behaviours that promote nutrition and wellbeing.

Learning outcomes include;
  • Identifying how our body reacts in new situations
  • Benefits of physical activity
  • What our body needs to be healthy including nutrition, water, and sleep
  • Safety strategies in different environments
This is the core part of the program. If you have booked a visit with Life Ed, this will be delivered in the Mobile Learning Centre or in your classroom by a specialist Life Ed Ed.