Ways to Get Involved

Ready Steady Go

For Year 1

Harold and his friends are super excited! It’s their school sports day. How will they prepare for their race? And how will they deal with their nerves? Yikes!


Using a school athletics carnival as an example, Healthy Harold and students learn how to prepare physically and mentally for important events in their lives. Key messages include eating a healthy meal, staying hydrated, ways to deal with nerves during a challenging situation.

Life Ed programs are not just a one-off visit, they’re a 4-step student pathway!

So make use of the whole multimodal pathway… the pre-visit lesson; the Life Ed Educator visit; the post-visit lessons, the booster lessons and the parent communication.

The key learning areas covered include:
  • Identifying how our body reacts in new situations
  • Benefits of physical activity
  • What our body needs to be healthy including nutrition, water, and sleep
  • Safety strategies in different environments