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  • One in six Australian children and young people are living in poverty.
    *Poverty in Australia, 2020, ACOSS/UNSW Report
  • More than 1 in 6 children in rural areas experience mental health issues.
    *Royal Far West 2017
  • Indigenous children living in remote communities experience a greater burden of disease.
    * PLOS Glob Public Health 2023
  • Reducing disadvantage in children early means better developmental outcomes, including a decrease in: 
  • socio-emotional issues by up to 59%; 
  • physical function issues by up to 49%; and 
  • learning issues by up to 55%



Since 2021, Life Ed has been working to reach as many disadvantaged children as possible through the Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund.  

Because every child deserves to thrive – no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they have. 

These children are often the isolated. They have limited access, resources and choices. They are most at-risk of chronic disease, mental illness and substance abuse.  

They are the kids who need us most.  

Because education has the power to break the cycle of disadvantage. It has the power to give children the chance to reimagine their future. 



Welcome to East Arnhem land, NT

As part of the Thrive Children’s Fund, our NT team was able to spend 14 days - including travel - visiting remote schools in the East Arnhem Land region. Find out how our expert Educators deliver lessons for life while overcoming the challenges of remote access.

Thriving in the Wheatbelt, WA

Teachers in remote communities can find it difficult to deliver the crowded curriculum with limited funding and resources. The Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund helps with this, as we saw in the Wheatbelt region.
West Gippsland students thrive

Tackling mental health in West Gippsland, VIC

Mental health remains a big concern for many Victorian schools and families, including in the West Gippsland area where rates of psychological distress for young people are high. That’s why we visited Drouin West Primary School, through the Thrive Children’s Fund.

Empowered by partnerships 

Thanks to our foundation partner, Woolworths, we have been able to deliver the latest evidence-based learning to more than 10,000 of these students across Australia over the past two years. 

We are grateful to have Sanitarium join the cause in 2023, which will mean more children will receive engaging education that builds critical life skills, and boosts resilience across communities.  



The impact is real 

Research tells us that educating children before they are exposed to a particular issue gives them the best chance at making informed decisions. That’s why Life Ed focuses on prevention in the formative years.  

Each of our modules is designed to teach kids about topics they may soon confront in their world, helping them to practice making healthy choices within a safe environment. 

From the vastness of Arnhem Land in the NT and seclusion of Kangaroo Island in South Australia, through to the reaches of the WA Wheatbelt and NSW Murray River regions, it has been a privilege to work with so many children, parents, teachers and communities as part of the Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund. 

As times continue to be tough, with inflation and the cost-of-living on the rise, the housing crisis and natural disasters continuing to impact children and families across Australia, the Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund is needed more than ever. 

As a charity, Life Ed relies on donations to continue and extend our work. Last year we empowered 700,000 Australian children with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy choices. We believe every child deserves this opportunity and with your support, we can make this happen.
Your donations will be used to support the delivery of the Life Ed program.