Ways to Get Involved

What happens
during a Life Ed visit?

You may have heard that Life Ed or Healthy Harold is visiting your child’s preschool or primary school.
So, what can you expect?

Life Ed has been trusted to deliver education to over 7 million children and young people since 1979. You yourself may be a Healthy Harold graduate. Life Ed offers schools a unique, curriculum-based program empowering children to make safer and healthier choices through education. 

Life Ed is a 60-90 minute interactive lesson delivered by specialist educators. The face to face lesson is also accompanied by a range of pre and post visit lessons to help extend and reinforce the learning. The face to face lessons may be delivered in a mobile learning centre; a pop-up classroom, in your child’s classroom and also virtually. We follow Covid safe practices and all Life Ed employees are required to have a Working With Children Check. 

The lessons cover a range of topics across the three core areas of physical health, safety and social and emotional wellbeing. We have developed the lessons specifically to be unique, memorable and interactive experiences.   

There are 3 preschool modules and 12 primary modules Life Ed delivers, covering popular topics such as: 

  • How nutrition and physical activity contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Online safety education including strategies for recognising, reacting and reporting predatory or unsafe situations. 
  • Strategies to deal with bullying and cyberbullying. 
  • Resilience, self-awareness, self-management and social awareness. 
  • Respectful relationships and consent. 
  • Decisions, peer pressure, responsibility and consequences. 
  • Alcohol and other drug education (in age appropriate contexts). 
  • Ways to keep safe at home, school and in the community. 

Visit our module overview page to find out more and our Family Resources page to search for more information on the topics covered in your child’s Life Ed visit. Our family resources are free and support families in helping their children and young people to thrive.  

Consisting of 16 different modules, our program has been specially designed for preschools, primary schools and secondary schools.
Our program is delivered by a team of specially trained educators using highly interactive exercises and techniques. In recent times, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our program is also available online.
Definitely not a one-off intervention. Our program is designed to engage students from an early age and to be sequential; delivered year-on-year, building on learnings throughout preschool and primary school into secondary school.
Our program covers topics including; drugs and alcohol, personal safety, cybersafety, food and nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional wellbeing and the human body. By working together with school communities, we are able to identify areas of greatest need and choose program content tailored to each school and stage group.
Depending on the length of the module booked, we suggest 2-4 sessions per day.
The preschool and Kindergarten - Year 2 modules run for 60 minutes. The Year 3-6 modules run for 90 minutes.
Mobile Learning Centres are used in most primary schools. Our pop-up classrooms are available for use in primary schools in selected locations. Preschool visits are facilitated in your learning environment.
The state offices can provide you with the scheduled educator’s WWCC number. The educator will also provide 100 point identity check when they arrive at the school.
Healthy Harold has been visiting preschools and primary school with us for more than 40 years and there are no signs of him slowing down. He doesn't, however, accompany us into secondary schools though.