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For students in Year 3 - 5
bCyberwise - Primary Program Module

bCyberwise is one of Life Ed’s updated programs where students explore responsible and respectful behaviors when using communication technology and learn strategies to be safe digital citizens. It focuses on building positive relationships with friends online and offline.


bCyberwise explores a range of issues such as password security, risks of sharing personal information, how to communicate respectfully and strategies to handle cyberbullying. By using these 'Tuning In' activities, students have an opportunity to directly relate these ideas to their own daily life and think critically about their own world. Activities support students to consider the frequency and impact of technology use on their day-to-day activities.

Through a variety of activities, students are empowered to think about how their own actions and decisions can protect their privacy and safety online. Activities and questioning are designed to assist students in applying conceptual ideas to their own world, now or in the future. The 'Extending' module features a set of structured discussions, with varied student grouping to maximise student voice and interaction.
  • How to recognise, react and report unwanted contact, bullying or predatory behaviours.
  • Keeping personal information safe online.
  • Responsible and respectful behaviour when using communication technology.
  • Skills for building positive relationships with friends.
  • Exploring the role of bystanders.
This is the core part of the program. If you have booked a visit with Life Ed, this will be delivered in the Mobile Learning Centre or in your classroom by a specialist Life Ed Ed.
We are proud to be endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider, with cyber safety programs for primary school students.