Ways to Get Involved


For Years 3 - 5

Harold loves going online to connect with his friends and family. Join Harold as he learns how to use the internet safely and respectfully.


This up-to-date module explores a range of contemporary issues including recognising the body clues that warn us about unsafe or potential predatory behaviours and learning how to react to risks and report problems online. Online privacy and respectful relationships are also covered.

Life Ed are proud to be endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider for our online safety program, bCyberwise. The Trusted eSafety Provider program helps you take the guesswork out of identifying a great online safety education provider for your school. Trusted eSafety Providers are endorsed after demonstrating that they meet eSafety’s requirements for online safety education, including:

• suitable expertise and experience
• evidence-based and curriculum-aligned programs
• compliance with appropriate child safety and insurance requirements.

Life Ed programs are not just a visit, they’re a 4 - step student pathway! So make use of the whole multimodal pathway… the pre visit lesson; the Life Ed Educator visit; the 2 post visit lessons, the booster lessons and the parent communication.

The key learning areas covered include:
  • How to recognise, react and report unwanted contact, bullying or predatory behaviours.
  • Keeping personal information safe online.
  • Responsible and respectful behaviour when using communication technology.
  • Skills for building positive relationships with friends.
  • Exploring the role of bystanders.
We are proud to be endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider, with cyber safety programs for primary school students.