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Enabling your child to thrive

Children aged 3-13 are faced with more challenges when it comes to physical health, safety and social and emotional wellbeing than ever before.

Life Ed prides itself on a wholistic approach to education that ensures the tricky decisions children and young people face on a daily basis are made a little easier.   

Life Ed helps children to: 

  • Connect the choices they make with short and long-term consequences.
  • Value their safety, health and happiness. 
  • Develop positive attitudes for safer, healthier and happier choices. 
  • Build confidence and skills to manage potential coercive behaviours.

Life Ed’s curriculum aligned programs tackle tomorrows issues today covering a wide range of topics across the areas of physical health, safety and social and emotional wellbeing. These topics are integrated and our lessons are delivered in an engaging and age appropriate way.   

We cannot do it alone. We believe in a three-way partnership for children between their teachers, parents and carers and our educators for continuity in their community. As parents and carers, and possibly Healthy Harold graduates yourselves, we know you are a big part of the winning formula.  Life Ed is here to support you in reinforcing these important lessons at home. 

Please visit our Family Resources section of the website to discover useful tools and activities you can access for free. We have a range of invaluable resources that help reinforce our lessons for children and young people aged 3 to 13.  Together we can ensure your child has every opportunity to thrive. 

We enable and empower your children to thrive

Life Ed is focused on supporting the health and wellbeing of your children.

We also provide rich, relevant resources and offer parent and carer information sessions.
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