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Think Twice

For Years 5 - 6
Think Twice - Primary Program Module

Using distinctive animated videos, this program tackles the topic of alcohol in an age-appropriate context. It explores the impact of alcohol on the human body and community.


Think Twice tackles the topic of drinking alcohol and students explore concepts such as the effect that alcohol has on body systems, myths and facts about alcohol, laws relating to its sale and reasons why people choose not to consume alcohol. Exploring a range of issues around the social, legal and physical consequences of alcohol consumption. Learning outcomes include;
  • Strategies to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on themselves and others.
  • Myths and facts surrounding the use of alcohol
  • Physical, social & legal consequences of alcohol use
  • Strategies for responding to encouragement or pressure to drink
This is the core part of the program. If you have booked a visit with Life Ed, this will be delivered in the Mobile Learning Centre or in your classroom by a specialist Life Ed Ed.