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How we work with Early Learning Centres

Through the opportunity to engage in play-based, experiential and interactive experiences, these modules are delivered face to face and cover a range of topics across the areas of physical health, safety and social and emotional wellbeing. The Life Ed Early Years Learning Program is aligned to the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework.

Life Ed offers 3 purpose built preschool modules designed to support learning and development for a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits include 

  • Linked to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Building foundations for lifelong learning and development
  • Empowers positive decision making
  • Active participation in learning experiences
  • Enhanced attitudes towards health
  • Age appropriate activities about the importance of a balanced lifestyle
  • Promotes and fosters deep thinking, self-regulation and responsibility 

Your Life Ed Early Years Learning Program school booking includes: 

  • Your choice of module
  • Your choice of delivery method that is available in your area and best suits your needs
  • A specialist Life Ed Educator to facilitate the lesson
  • A unique, impactful and memorable experience
  • An observation template to aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Suggested learning environments to provide stimulus for deeper learning and investigative play 
  • A digital resource pack to deepen the learning 
Mobile Learning Centres are used in most primary schools. Our pop-up classrooms are available for use in primary schools in selected locations. Preschool visits are facilitated in your learning environment.
The preschool and Kindergarten - Year 2 modules run for 60 minutes. The Year 3-6 modules run for 90 minutes.
Depending on the length of the module booked, we suggest 2-4 sessions per day.
Our program covers topics including; drugs and alcohol, personal safety, cybersafety, food and nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional wellbeing and the human body. By working together with school communities, we are able to identify areas of greatest need and choose program content tailored to each school and stage group.
Definitely not a one-off intervention. Our program is designed to engage students from an early age and to be sequential; delivered year-on-year, building on learnings throughout preschool and primary school into secondary school.
Life Ed is the largest non-Government provider of preventative health education to Australian children. Our specialist educators, along with our much loved mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, and supported by our online resources, teach children important health and wellbeing lessons, so they can thrive. For more information about costs and to enquire about a visit for your centre.

Our program focus areas

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Physical health
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Social and emotional wellbeing