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How we impact children's lives

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At Life Ed, we know the biggest impact happens early in childhood. Children learn their core values at a young age. That is why we are tackling tomorrow’s issues today.

Every child – no matter where they live, or what their circumstance – deserves to thrive. Our preventative health program reaches more than 700,000 Australian children each year. We make a difference by delivering evidence-backed, engaging education to children in their formative years, to build the skills they need to lead safe and healthy lives.  In Australia, preventable chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability. They cause eight out of every 10 premature deaths, and account for 80% of years lost due to ill health, disability or early death.  

The five common behavioural risk factors are smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, the harmful use of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs. Our childhood education program evolves constantly to help solve society’s largest challenges in health, safety and wellbeing. 

+4,000 Schools educated annualy
+700K Students particapted annualy
130 Trained Life Ed Educators nationally

Trusted by schools and families throughout Australia for over 40 years.

We deliver impactful educational services to thousands of children across Australia.

We teach children and young people aged 3-13 the health, safety and wellbeing skills to make better decisions throughout their lives, creating a holistic impact on their long-term health. 

But we cannot do this alone. Children today face complex challenges. This is why we partner with schools to deliver our vital health and safety messages to hundreds of thousands of children and provide useful and informative resources for teachers. We also continue our support in the home, giving families tools, tips and activities to ensure all Australian children are empowered to make safer and healthier choices.