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Welcome to East
Arnhem land, NT

Thriving in the vastness of Arnhem Land 

At Life Ed, we know that no two students are the same, every school differs, and the communities that embrace them are as unique as the lands that they call home. 

This recognition and respect for diversity is one of the reasons why we have been trusted to educate Australian children since 1979. It rings true across the country. It even reaches the vastness of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, thanks to our highly collaborative and respected team of local Educators and support staff. 

Together, they not only educate local children and families, they overcome some of the most challenging issues relating to remoteness in order to achieve this. 

That is why the Life Ed Thrive Children’s Fund is so important here, and we were able to experience the impact first-hand when we visited the Nhulunbuy, Yirrakala and Bulman communities in East Arnhem Land in late 2023. 



Welcome to East Arnhem land 

Founded on the Gove Peninsula in north-east Arnhem Land, Nhulunbuy and Yirrkala are approximately 1,100 kilometres from Darwin. Home to the Yolngu people for at least 40,000 years, today, Nhulunbuy has a population of 3,350 people and Yirrkala 809.  

It is beautiful, expansive, remote.  

In Term 3 2023, the Thrive Children’s Fund enabled our team to visit schools throughout the region – Nhulunbuy Primary School, Nhulunbuy High School, Yirrkala Primary School, Gove Early Learning Centre, Nhulunbuy Child Care Centre and Bulman Community School. 

They were specifically chosen as they have high Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) enrolments and low Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) – a scale that allows for fair and reasonable comparisons among schools with similar students.  

Covering a number of remote schools in this region meant we were able to reach more than 600 students with 35 modules over 10 days, including travel. 

“The joy and engagement on the students’ faces as they participated in our tailored educational sessions was profoundly moving. It’s clear that our approach not only respects, but also deeply connects with the rich cultural heritage of the Yolngu people, creating meaningful and lasting educational experiences. These moments underscore the importance of our mission and the genuine connections we are building within these vibrant communities,” shared Page McMillan, General Manager and Community Projects Manager, Life Ed NT. 

“Due to the geological aspects of the region, in the past, visits would have such a huge financial burden on the school, which would then also effect the possibility for our team to visit. The Thrive Children’s Fund has given Life Ed NT the ability to reach more children that potentially wouldn’t have been able to partake in our sessions before.” 

A unique approach 

The Life Ed program is delivered differently in the NT.  

Our iconic vans are not possible due to the variations in roads in and out of towns. Our Educators are skilled in the art of strategic packing, often in 4WDs with limited space, for school and community visits that can take anywhere from 10 hours to three days to travel to.

Most importantly, cultural sensitivities are of utmost consideration when we deliver our programs in these remote regions.  

Our Life Ed NT team carefully craft our evidence-based resources into culturally appropriate materials, co-designed by the communities they work in. This adaptation of content also takes into consideration the extended time that needs to be dedicated to ensuring all students have every opportunity to succeed and benefit from the empowering sessions Life Ed deliver while they’re in town. The team are masters in genuine consultation and connections. That is why they are so well respected across the NT – because this partnership approach promotes lasting change.