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27 communities in 12 weeks

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023

Life Ed Northern Territory (LENT), in partnership with the Boards at Katherine West Health, and the Big Rivers region’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) team have delivered high-quality and engaging tobacco and smoking education to 27 remote communities over a period of 12 weeks.

The TIS project’s main goal is to educate students, families, and community members about tobacco and smoking. LENT worked alongside the TIS team to consult communities and develop a one-off program that addressed themes impacting the region.

These education sessions were designed for students at all learning levels, age levels and engagement needs, enabling Educators to adapt the content to the audience’s cultural, educational, and community needs.

By the end of each school visit, students were able to discuss with family members the effects of nicotine and the negative impacts of smoking and vaping on the body and the people around them.

To reinforce the team’s messaging, Educators worked with students to develop and showcase “Community Focus videos” within each community.

Well done to the LENT team who successfully visited all 27 remote communities in the Big River region, covering an average of 1000 km a week over the 12-week period.