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Educator Leanne has worked alongside Healthy Harold for 26 years

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2023

For over 26 years, Leanne has been empowering children across the Lower Mid North Coast to develop healthy living habits, with an innovative and holistic teaching approach.

From the tranquil South West Rocks, all the way to the village of Krambach, Leanne is a well-known face in many school communities who regularly travels to every corner of the region to ensure all children and young people have the opportunity to learn the crucial life skills needed to thrive.

Leanne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as Specialist Educator at Life Ed. In 1987, her passion for education began when completing a Diploma in Teaching (Infants/Primary). She started her career as a primary school teacher at Bradshaw Primary School in Alice Springs, NT, and soon after completed a Bachelor in Education, majoring in Early Education. Her love for delivering interactive and fun educational lessons led her to apply for a Specialist Educator role at Life Ed.

26 years later, she has seen the organisation evolve to address the challenges students face in an ever-changing modern landscape.

Life Ed has, I believe, has been instrumental in changing attitudes around nicotine and alcohol in particular, with our young people.
Leanne, specialist Educator

Her favourite Life Ed modules to deliver are those with a focus on social and emotional wellbeing skills and knowledge. In particular, she enjoys teaching the Year 1 module ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ where students learn to identify body clues and manage emotions that arise in new or challenging situations.

Leanne said she most loves the engaging story the interactive module unfolds around, “During the session, Healthy Harold is getting organized for his running race at his school athletics carnival. He feels nervous before the big race, and this resonates with all the students and teachers who too may experience nervous feelings before a big event. It’s a powerful tool to teach the importance of recognizing body clues.

Another part of the story I love is when Health Harold’s teammate Zippo doesn’t show up for the relay, and Harold and his relay team have to decide what to do. This highlights to the class the importance of resilience, and the activities we run explore the impact of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ talk.”

Leanne has equipped thousands of students with the important skills and strategies to look after their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

The most engaging part of their learning experience has arguably been their adoration and love for Healthy Harold – Life Ed’s popular giraffe mascot who has been by Leanne’s side during every session she’s taught.

I have a billion cute letters and drawings from students saying they are going to eat healthy foods – just like Harold, or that they are never going to smoke. Some have even written to me saying that they LOVE Harold and want him and I to come to their birthday parties (that would have to be the ultimate compliment!)

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