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Graduate story: Stephanie

Thursday, 27 Aug 2020

Healthy Harold is always delighted to hear from graduates who vividly remember and cherish their Life Ed experiences. Stephanie is one of our parents from North Parramatta who reached out to share her own fondest memories from Healthy Harold's visits to Santa Sabina College.

What do you remember about seeing the Life Ed program?
Healthy Harold! Every year in primary school, we’d be excited to see the white van with Harold painted on the side.

What stood out the most for you?
I remember sitting inside the nice, cosy van with the lights dimmed. The walls were all made of felt, and there were life-sized body parts that could Velcro to them!

How did it help you later in life?
Learning about the body and the different food groups created a strong foundation for us to build on healthy living and eating as we grew up.

If you didn’t receive the Life Ed program as a child, what might have been different about your life?
While healthy eating and well-being was always encouraged in my family, Healthy Harold really brought it home on my level as a child. I felt and still do feel extremely privileged to have experienced this. The visuals and the welcoming surroundings really made me want to listen, learn and remember!

Would you recommend the program to other people?
Yes, yes, yes! It’s so interactive, personal and real – not just an iPad or a computer screen like today’s day and age.

Have your children seen the Life Ed program?
I have three girls, and one is about to start school next year. They have not yet seen it but I will be encouraging the school to book the Life Education program.