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Life Ed Welcomes Government Vaping Ban

Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Leading health promotion charity Life Ed, which has reached millions of children with its in-school health and safety education programs, has welcomed the Federal Government’s sweeping reforms to address the vaping epidemic.

Life Ed Australia CEO Russell D’Costa says banning single use vapes and non-prescription flavoured vapes is a vital step in tackling an issue that threatens the health and wellbeing of a generation of young Australians.

“Schools and parents are telling us that vaping is a growing problem and one they need urgent help to address,” Mr D’Costa said.

Prohibiting the supply and availability of vapes is one important step but we also need to decisively stem the tide, through educating our young people on the potential harms of vaping, and supporting them with the knowledge, strategies and skills for refusal.
Life Ed Australia CEO - Russell D'Costa

“While vaping is of greatest concern among secondary school students, we believe that early intervention is needed in primary school before the age of initiation into vaping.”

Tobacco and nicotine education has always been a key part of the Life Ed program which employs specialist educators and innovative interactive learning to deliver age-appropriate modules aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

“We’ve known for years that nicotine affects every single organ in the body, including the heart and brain,” Mr D’Costa said.

“Public health campaigns and education over many decades successfully reduced the prevalence of cigarette smoking. So too, early intervention health education will play a key role in informing young people about the real dangers of vaping.

“With research showing vapers are three times as likely to take up smoking, the government’s reforms to crackdown on vape sales could not have come at a better time.

Thanks to funding from partners Consumer Healthcare Products Australia, Life Ed is currently developing a comprehensive new vaping module which will be delivered in Australian schools from next year.

The vaping and tobacco education is part of a suite of Life Ed programs which also cover nutrition, drug and alcohol dangers, personal safety, physical health, social and emotional wellbeing, cybersafety, consent and respectful relationships.


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