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Meet specialist Educator Alana

Tuesday, 7 Mar 2023

Meet just one of our experienced health Educators, Alana, who is based in Western Sydney. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2017 and has worked as an early childhood educator for 6 years.

Alana brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the Life Ed program. Her passion for education started at a young age inspired by her family’s business. Alana’s parents are Directors at their family-owned early learning centre, and her interest ignited from seeing children’s learning and development and wanting to be a part of that journey.  

Life Ed offers a great deal to every student, from all walks of life. Time and time again I have seen our program make children feel safe, supported, seen and heard
Alana Masi, Educator

“We don’t just offer a program providing young children with the tools they need for their teenage years and adulthood; we provide them with a place where they can be themselves, share their thoughts and ideas (sometimes very funny ideas) and get to know one another in ways they might not have known before.” 

She describes a typical day as an educator for Life Ed as, “energetic and rewarding”. 

“I was teaching Kindergarten students our Harold’s Friend Ship module and was helping Harold to come out of his ‘bedroom’. As he appeared a student gasped and said, “Harold, you are so beautiful!”. We began discussing ways to be a kind friend and the student kept pointing out all the ways Harold was a good friend and were excited they were being a good friend, just like Harold” 

“It’s rewarding to build an environment where children can develop dispositions for learning, such as curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm”. 

The module that Alana believes resonates most with students is ‘Decisions’, which is designed for upper primary students.  

“This module is about what can impact the choices we make; whether big or small, or in positive or negative ways. We cover content from legal and illegal drugs and their impact on the body, people that can influence our decisions and discovering all the things we need to ensure we are making safe choices – now and in the future.  

I’ve found this lesson always creates opportunities for students to hear different points of view and allows them to feel validated in their ideas whilst acknowledging others may feel different” 

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