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More ways to learn with Healthy Harold

Tuesday, 27 Apr 2021

Despite school closures and disruptions, COVID-19 has presented unique learning opportunities for children – and helped parents and community engage in education.

Healthy Harold has never been more agile. He now reaches children online, he is live-streamed into schools via a new virtual classroom – and he even has his own online advice column.

Children from across the country write to Healthy Harold via KidsNews, asking questions from “Is wearing a face mask during COVID important” to “Is popcorn healthy”.

To help build healthy habits, Healthy Harold, KidsNews, Nutrition Australia and Woolworths Fresh Food Kids joined forces, launching ‘The Search of Australia’s Healthiest Lunchbox’ competition.

During National Healthy Lunchbox Week, students from ‘Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes’ put their insatiable appetites for healthy snacks to the test, sharing their lunch box ideas with their classmates.

Healthy Harold’s hunger to teach kids hearty habits kicked in to gear when he heard about their creative creations.

Zooming into action, the lovable giraffe, along with educator Ange, live-streamed into the classroom to explore top lunch box tips.

Students learned about how nutrition contributes to a healthy lifestyle and discussed the nutritional components of their lunchboxes with Healthy Harold.

“The students were so excited to see Healthy Harold’s face on our screen, especially after such a difficult year last year. They were engaged from start to finish,” said teacher, Nicole.

Students have been discussing and comparing what is in each other's lunch boxes at recess and lunch. I have observed and listened to our students discussing how they could improve their lunch boxes for the next day. Some students have even checked the teachers' lunch boxes and advised them on how they could improve what they are eating.

According to school teacher Jane, students connected to the messages, enjoying the multimedia experience.

“It was a great follow up to the article that the students completed on KidsNews.com. The students were eager to answer questions and be involved,” she said.