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Water-conscious little learners have fun raising crucial funds for children

Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

A group of health conscious little learners from The Hub Preschool in Waratah are doing their bit to promote healthier lifestyles in their community using one simple, free and important super power: water.

The children aged between 3-5 years were some of the first to complete Healthy Harold’s Water 4 Life Challenge in 2023. The primary school and early learning centre water and fundraising challenge inspires kids to choose water as their first choice for hydration and raise crucial funds for children living in remote communities to access health education.   

The Hub Preschool Waratah recognises the importance of actively encouraging children to understand and develop healthy lifestyle habits, which is why they chose to partner with Life Ed to take up the Water 4 Life Challenge. 

“Building healthy habits is really essential for our service and for children of all ages. Building these habits creates developmental processes in their minds that help support their future,” said Tameka Pollitt, 2IC and Educational Leader at The Hub Waratah. 

Tameka said The Water 4 Life Challenge was very exciting and fun for the children. “They really enjoyed having a challenge to work towards as that is something for this age group that really stimulates them – they thrive off challenge and competition, and that really encouraged them to drink more water.” 

We’ve very proud of our little learners – they’ve done an awesome job of getting involved and creating beautiful habits for the rest of their lives.
Tameka Pollitt, 2IC and Educational Leader

The Water 4 Life Challenge invites participants to swap sugary drinks, like soft drinks and cordials, to water only, for just 2 weeks. By taking the pledge, children can ask their friends, family and neighbours to sponsor them for the opportunity to win a range of epic thank you prizes to reward them for their fundraising achievements.  

When the whole group works together on the challenge, students also have the opportunity to win a major prize for their school or centre, including a Water Bottle Refill Station from Aquafil by Civiq, or a training session with the Greater Western Sydney Giants players.   

“The challenge was very easy to access. It was as simple as a link being sent out to the parents, and everyone was able to get involved from there”, says The Hub Waratah Early Childhood Teacher, Matt.  

It was fantastic to have a goal to work towards with the first $15 raised by children earning us a Healthy Harold visit. It is a wonderful cause to support Healthy Harold to reach rural communities. I grew up in a rural community myself and it was always a highlight when Healthy Harold came to visit us
Matt, Early Childhood Teacher

It’s important for all children – no matter their circumstances – to receive health and well-being education to set them up for a healthy future. All challenge funds raised go towards supporting children living in disadvantaged remote and rural communities to access health and wellbeing education programs with Life Ed. 

Take the challenge today and find out how drinking water for two weeks can have big rewards for students, their bodies and their school or centre