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Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

A single from Healthy Harold's second album 'Harold and Friends', Skin song celebrates diversity and also reminds us to care & protect for our largest organ.

Perfect for any preschool, kindergarten or daycare centre and equally fun to dance along to at home!

Lyrics (Caswell/Spencer)

Skin, skin, let’s hear it for skin
If it wasn’t for skin we wouldn’t have anything
to keep the other parts in
If you’re cute and cuddly, tall or short, overweight or thin
No matter what shape the parcel is
It’s always wrapped in skin

If you’re gonna spend time in the sun
You’re gonna need some protection
You’ll need some block out or a great big hat
For sunburn correction
Don’t spend too long in the U.V rays
When the sun’s in your direction
Or instead of getting a nice sun tan
You’ll be cooked to perfection

Now the colour of skin varies a lot
From nation to nation
It sometimes leads to a stupid thing called racial discrimination
But we all get hot, we all get cold
And we all get perspiration
And the only difference between them and me
Is a little bit of pigmentation