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Super Computer song

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022
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A single from Healthy Harold's second album 'Harold and Friends', Super Computer song celebrates the complexity, power and prowess of your grey matter.

Perfect for any preschool, kindergarten or daycare centre and equally fun to dance along to at home!


There’s a super computer that can do anything
It can count, it can smile, it can talk, it can sing
It can run, it can jump, it can laugh, it can fly
With a compact and portable power supply
The super computer can pass any test
Its specifications are ahead of the rest
It’s easy to operate and maintenance free
There’s one inside you and there’s one inside me

It’s a super computer, it’s a super computer
It’s a super computer, it’s a super computer (What’s its name?)
It’s a super computer (It’s your brain)

Other computers are attaches to the phone
This one comes with a mind of its own
It replaces its own parts as soon as they’re worn
And you can learn how to use it from the
moment you’re born
Other computers might calculate faster
But this super computer will still be the master
The super computer is in charge of the lot
And with a flick of the switch, it can turn ‘em all off

There’s a super computer inside your head
Doesn’t use buttons has nerves instead
The super computer is there to use
So you can do anything you choose
There’s the Apple, the Mac, Wang and I.B.M.
But the super computer is better than them
The super computer must be the best
‘Cos the super computer invented the rest

Lyrics (Caswell/Spencer)