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4 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

At Life Ed, we always suggest seeking professional guidance. Following this same advice, we sat down with Dr Rick Iskandar to help us help parents engage their children in their brushing routine.

1. Be there and be positive

As a parent, it’s so important to be a positive role model for your kids, especially when it comes to their oral health. Be there and be positive about brushing your own teeth – if your kids can see you enjoying it, they will too! Download Healthy Harold’s teeth brushing chart. Not only does this set a good example but it will create fun and engaging family time that the kids can look forward to. It will also mean they can’t use cheeky tactics to avoid brushing their teeth!

2. Start young

Prevention is always better than cure. We only get one set of adult teeth and it’s very important to take care of them. Engaging children with their oral health from a young age means they will be more likely to develop healthy lifelong habits.

3. Get support

Make the most of your regular check-ups and ask your dental team to chat to your kids about the importance of looking after their oral health. Although more than 90 per cent of parents say they talk to their kids about the importance of oral hygiene, we all know kids don’t always listen. In fact, three out of five parents surveyed (63 per cent) said their kids are more likely to listen to the advice of dentists or health educators.

4. Let them choose the tools

Whether it’s the flavour of the toothpaste or the colour of the toothbrush, let your kids make the decisions when it comes to their oral health. Picking out their own tools will keep them engaged and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Oral health and more

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Dr Rick Iskandar is the Principal Dentist at Tailored Teeth.