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Could your child call 000

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

It is important that children are aware of what they should do if they are faced with an emergency.

Here are some tips to help you with this conversation:

  • Discuss with your child what an emergency is and who they would ask for in each example – either ambulance, fire or police. Also discuss when you need to call 000 and when you would not need to call them.


  • Teach your child your address and telephone number so they know this off by heart or at the very least, put this information in an easily accessible spot, such as on the fridge.


  • Write down 000 and place it near the house phone or with your address as this will help your child during a distressing situation. For children and toddlers who are not familiar with reading numbers, a coloured sticker could be placed over the zero on the house phone so it is easily identified.


  • Practice and role play calling 000, including how to call 000 from a mobile phone that is locked.


  • Emphasise the importance of remaining calm during the phone call and speaking clearly and go through various scenarios.


  • Teach your child that when they call 000 they are speaking to an adult they can trust and who will assist them during the situation.


  • Explain that the operator will ask them some questions and to not hang up until the operator says it is ok.


  • Explain to your child that 000 is for emergencies only and that it is inappropriate to call 000 as a joke or hoax as it could mean someone who needs help may not receive it.


  • Remember calling 000 on a landline phone or mobile phone may look different to children, and you should make sure your child knows how to dial 000 on both.


Complete the Life Ed 000 activity sheet with your child and when finished, keep it in an easily accessible area of your home.