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Keeping Food Fresh and Safe

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2022
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Adding dairy foods to the lunchbox can provide energy to power kids through their day, and importantly the nutrients to help build strong bones for life.

Whether packing the lunchbox is a joy or a chore for you, the dreaded lunchbox fatigue is something we all want to avoid!

Depending on their age and gender, children need between one to three and a half serves of dairy every day. Using the school lunchbox is a great option for ticking off at least one daily serve of dairy nutrition. And the kids will love the variety and flavour. It’s a win, win!

In most cases, food is stored in lunchboxes for several hours, so to ensure it stays fresh and safe the lunchbox needs to stay cool.

Try these dairy safety hacks to give your kids, and their lunchbox, a dairy boost!


Tip 1

  • Freeze flavoured or plain milk — this will keep the rest of the lunchbox cool and will defrost throughout the day and be cold ready to drink by lunchtime.
  • Perfect for a refreshing drink at lunchtime (remind kids to shake frozen milk before drinking it to
    ensure a smooth consistency.)
  • Pack a spoon and it can be eaten as a slushie.

Tip 2

  • Always follow the ‘Use By’ and ‘Best Before’ dates and storage advice for dairy products.

Tip 3

  • A freezer pack and insulated lunchbox is a great way of keeping yoghurt and other dairy foods nicely chilled.

Tip 4

  • Freeze tubs of yoghurt, by lunch or recess time they should be semi-thawed and are a delicious cool snack.

Tip 5

  • UHT milks are a great option to include in the lunch box as they don’t need to be kept cold.

Tip 6

  • Prepare lunches the night before and store in the fridge or freezer.