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Talking To Your Kids About Alcohol

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

Although the frequency of alcohol consumption in young people may be lower, according to new reports, the risk of bingeing has increased. Not only is this bad for their long-term health, these quantities of alcohol can trigger mood disorders and an increased danger of alcohol-related injury.

Alcohol misuse is one of the leading preventable causes of death, illness and injury in Australia and around one in eight deaths of Australian’s under 25 is now attributed to alcohol consumption.

At Life Ed, we believe it is vital to educate children about the dangers of alcohol in upper primary through to secondary school. We do this through our Think Twice module to empower young Australians to make informed and responsible choices.

Talking about alcohol with your kids in 4 easy steps

1 Choose your moment

We believe that conversations with your children about alcohol are best had during incidental learning moments (eg when an issue occurs in the community or is on TV). This helps position the conversation as helpful advice, not a lecture.

2 Allow for questions

Allow your child to ask you questions and share their thoughts. Further, ask them open-ended questions, to encourage more sharing. By building respect in each other’s opinions, you reinforcing trust in your relationship.

3 Model behaviour

Parents have a unique opportunity as positive role models in alcohol consumption. Children have eagle eyes and learn from their environments. Be careful with your alcohol consumption, and be encouraged to turn down the offer of alcohol in front of your children. If you are having events or family gatherings try not to make alcohol the focus or perhaps have alcohol free events. For more strategies visit DrinkWise Australia.

4 Community support

Find other parents trying or having conversations with their children, share your expectations and approaches to alcohol awareness with them. By engaging with other parents who are in, or have been in the same situation, you will be able to pick up some valuable advice or mutual support.