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Growing Good Grains Grant 2024

Together with Bakers Delight, Life Ed are encouraging children to get gardening, grow edible plants, learn healthy habits and create a healthy classroom environment.  

Complete the application form to have a chance to win 1 of 25 $1,000 Growing Good Grain Grants for your school, kindergarten or childcare centre. If you have any questions, please email gardengrants@lifeeducation.org.au

Get your class involved with planning and designing your school’s healthy food garden for an opportunity to win 1 of 25 Growing Good Grains Grants valued at $1,000 each. 

Get started:

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas for your school’s healthy food garden with your class. Here are activities to get the creative juices flowing (link to resources) 

Step 2: Decide on a creative name for your healthy food garden 

Step 3: Sketch or draw the layout of your healthy garden 

Step 4: Complete and submit the online application form 

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Growing Good Grains Grant 2024

School Information

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Growing Good Grains Grant 2024

Primary Contact Information

Growing Good Grains Grant 2024

Tell Us About Your Garden

max 50 words
Provide a sketch, photo or drawing of your proposed healthy garden project? Please attach any photos, plans, sketches, drawings etc that support your application.

Growing Good Grains Grant 2024
Privacy notice and consent  
The information you provide under and in relation to this application or any grants received may contain information about an identified or reasonably identifiable individual (“Personal Information”). By submitting your application, you:
• provide consent or, if the Personal Information is not information about you, must obtain consent, to the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Information in accordance with this privacy notice, Life Ed’s privacy policy and Baker Delight privacy policy, and, in particular, to the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Information, to the extent permitted by law, for the purpose of:
(a) assessing this application and any subsequent application;
(b) administering, evaluating, monitoring and promoting any grants provided in connection with your application and promoting the Growing Good Gardens Grains program;
(c) verifying, maintaining and updating our records;
(d) allowing Life Education and/or Bakers Delight to contact the relevant individuals by telephone, mail, electronically or otherwise to provide the relevant individuals with information about the application and any grant; and
(e) sending you further communications from Life Ed and/or Bakers Delight (if you have indicated in this application that you would like to receive them), either directly or through their respective marketing agencies;
• acknowledge that if you do not disclose all the information requested in this application, Life Ed will not consider or progress your grant application;
• consent to the disclosure of the information to Baker Delight, for the purpose of assessing the application and evaluating, administering, monitoring and promoting any grants provided in connection with your application, and promoting the Growing Good Grains Grants program;
• agree to take reasonable steps to ensure that each individual referred to in the application is aware that Life Ed and Bakers Delight have received that individual’s Personal Information, and that the information will be treated in accordance with their respective privacy policies; and
• acknowledge that you have obtained and reviewed Life Ed’s privacy policy (available on request or via xxxx) and Bakers Delight privacy policy (available on request or via xxxx) which contain further details regarding the personal information the respective companies collect, how they collect it, what they do with it, with whom they share it, where they send it, and your information access, correction, complaint, opt-out and other privacy rights.
Terms and conditions. 
By completing this application form I accept that:
The information given on this form is complete and correct.
• If successful, I will provide bank account information or other details as required by Life Ed to facilitate payment of the grant.
• If successful, funds will be used only for the project described on this application.
• If successful, I agree to provide evidence to Life Ed including photographs of the completed garden
• If successful, I permit Life Ed and Bakers Delight to use completion reports and photos for promotional purposes across their websites, social media etc and will provide or obtain any confirmations of copyright and consent required to enable this use.
• If successful, I will ensure that I obtain permission from the parents / guardians of the group before submitting photographs of children for use by Life Ed and Bakers Delight as described in this application.
• I have read, understood and accept the privacy notice and consent in this application and the Life Ed and Bakers Delight privacy policies available, respectively, and agree to be bound by them.
• I have read and agree to comply with the Growing Good Grains Grant 2024 guidelines & criteria.