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Stay informed and engage meaningfully with young people on vaping

Welcome to Life Ed’s Parent Video Series on Vaping

These resources were created to empower parents and carers with the latest research and information to engage in meaningful conversations with their dependents about the potential impacts.

What is a vape?

Vaping is the act of smoking ‘vapes’, which are battery-powered devices that look like metallic pens, USBs and other hand-held devices. Discover the various types of vaping devices and how to recognise them.

Unmasking nicotine: how vapes affect development of the teenage brain

Discover the impact of nicotine, found naturally in tobacco and synthetically in vapes. Learn about the risks and challenges of nicotine addiction, particularly in adolescents, as it affects the development of the teenage brain.

#KnowTheEffects: the health and social impacts of vaping

Understand the health risks of vaping, from lung irritation to nicotine-induced chest pain. Learn how vaping can affect mental well-being, relationships, and finances.

#KnowTheLaw: Understand the legal impacts of vaping

Learn the latest research and information on vaping prevalence amongst young people, and the legal regulations that form part of a nationwide intervention strategy.

#DontBeManipulated: Marketing tactics and key influences associated with vaping among young people

Find out more about the marketing tactics employed by the tobacco industry to market them as a ‘healthier’ and ‘safer’ alternative to traditional cigarettes. Understand how young people are accessing and using vapes, and other key influences associated with vaping.

How to have the 'vape-talk'

Learn tips for recognising and addressing nicotine addiction, strategies for meaningful conversations with young people, and guidance on finding additional support and services.