Ways to Get Involved

On The Case

For Years 5 - 6

Harold joins Mac McHardy, a time travelling detective, to gather evidence that will persuade McHardy’s great, great granddaughter not to smoke.


It’s surprising how many myths are floating around about the impact of nicotine products, such as cigarettes and e-cigarettes. In a manner that is balanced and built on evidence, this Life Ed module builds critical literacy skills and empowers students with the knowledge & skills to make informed choices about smoking.

Life Ed programs are not just a visit, they’re a multimodal student pathway! So make use of the whole pathway… the pre visit lesson; the Life Ed Educator visit; and the 2 post visit lessons.

The key learning areas covered include:
  • What's in a cigarette or vape
  • Effects of smoking and vaping
  • History and laws + myths and facts
  • Strategies to reduce harm