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Use your Student Wellbeing Boost with Healthy Harold

Wednesday, 13 Mar 2024

The Student Wellbeing Boost means that every school in Australia is receiving federal government funding to put towards student wellbeing. The Life Ed program is an evidence-based, cost-effective way to use your Student Wellbeing Boost.

The Student Wellbeing Boost funding is a one-off grant from the federal government that aims to support students following the mental health impacts caused by the COVID pandemic. The funding needs to go towards mental health and wellbeing resources and initiatives. You can use it for student wellbeing initiative, like Life Ed.  

The Life Ed program meets the criteria for external wellbeing providers in your school community, and equips students with essential skills to: 

  • promote their social & emotional wellbeing 
  • develop emotional literacy & emotional regulation 
  • promote positive student behaviour 
  • build respectful relationships & understand consent 
  • be better equipped to manage life’s ups and downs 

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Don’t forget, Student Wellbeing Boost funds will need to be spent or committed to be spent by 31 March 2024. 

Life Ed offers age-appropriate wellbeing modules aligned with the NSW syllabus.  

Each module is facilitated by Life Ed’s specialist Educators, and includes a suite of wrap-around teaching & parent resources to extend the crucial learnings into the classroom and home. 


Explore Life Ed’s wellbeing modules:  

Harold’s Friend Ship – For Kindergarten to Year 1

Students consider the importance of relationships and gain skills to seek help in a variety of situations. They have opportunities to practice strategies to manage their feelings and emotions. 

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Growing Good Friends – For Years 1-2 

Students investigate healthy lifestyle choices and factors that impact health and emotional wellbeing. They identify the qualities and attributes of a good friend. 

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Friends & Feelings – For Years 3-4 

Students will broaden and develop their emotional literacy, identify practising assertive communication skills, and practise emotional regulation skills such as mindful breathing. 

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Relate Respect Connect (insert logo) – For Years 5-6 

Students investigate the importance of respectful relationships, including face to face and online connections. They explore how the physical and personal changes during this life stage impact their behaviour, emotions and relationships. They also learn to recognise, react and report disrespectful, unsafe and predatory behaviour online. 

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