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How your child can help a friend with allergies

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

Most of us know someone with an allergy and while most schools have policies in place to protect against issues, we should encourage our children to keep an eye out for their friends who might be at risk.

4 ways to help a friend with allergies.

  • Don’t share your food with anyone that has food allergies. We all need to take food allergies seriously – don’t trick someone into eating food they might be allergic to and don’t tease them because they can’t have someone’s birthday cake
  • Know what your friends are allergic to. Just ask them! It can be good to know what treatment plan they follow. And remember seeking the help of an adult should be the first step when in danger.
  • Always wash your hands after eating. Small amounts of food left on your hands can be more than enough to trigger children with allergies.
  • Get help from an adult. If a friend with allergies becomes sick, get help straight away (even if they don’t want you to). They may need first aid and/or medical attention.