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An Australian-first to tackle vaping

With over a quarter of Australians aged 14 to 17 having vaped, this trend continues to be of increasing concern for parents, teachers and students. In order to address the alarming increase and the gap in education in primary schools, Life Ed developed the new Take a Breath module.

An Australian-first for primary school students, Take a Breath allows children in Year 5 and 6 to investigate the issues surrounding vaping in an education experience made with students, for students. 

Funded by Consumer Healthcare Products Australia (CHP Australia), Take a Breath features children in Years 5 and 6 who have genuine questions about vaping and smoking, alongside high school students who provide answers. The teenagers involved encourage their peers to use critical thinking skills to unpack issues like emerging health and environmental impacts, changing laws, social influences and responsible decision making.  



“The result is really special and is bound to make an impact. It’s powerful to see Australian teenagers speaking up about vaping and smoking, educating younger students and showcasing their strengths,” said Russell D’Costa, CEO of Life Ed Australia.  

“There is a real gap in vaping education in primary schools. This is a concern because research tells us that educating children before they are exposed to a particular issue gives them the best chance at making informed decisions.

“That’s why Life Ed delivers education in the primary school setting. We hear from a lot of the primary schools that we work with that their kids are showing interest and asking questions about vaping. It’s scary, but we need to meet them here and not shy away from the challenging conversations. We need to give students the knowledge and skills they need early, to make healthy and safe choices into the future.”