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Harold TV launches in South Australia

Wednesday, 22 Apr 2020

Life Ed South Australia know how much students love Healthy Harold, especially when he comes to visit them at school. While school visits aren't possible due to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, the team decided to bring Healthy Harold digitally to South Australian classrooms and homes.

Life Ed SA is pleased to launch Harold TV with a brand new series, Healthy Harold’s Check In!

Children can tune in each week for a new episode of Harold TV

Starting each ‘check in’ with Harold asking “how are you today?”, Healthy Harold and the team answer letters from children all over Adelaide and beyond, helping deliver the message of health and well-being to all. The episodes will also help get you moving with fitness fun and dancing, inspire your imagination with stories and give you fun things to try at home or school, and so much more.

Episode 1
Check out the first episode now, where Healthy Harold and Jade answer Max’s questions about Germs and COVID-19.