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Health and Hyundai drive garima

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018

For Garima Katyal, Life Ed has been an important part of her children’s upbringing, empowering them with vital skills to make safe and healthy decisions in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Now the Sydney mother of two has another reason to celebrate Life Ed’s contribution to her family.

Thanks to a partnership between Life Ed and Hyundai Help for Kids, Garima is the lucky winner of a brand new Hyundai i30.

Garima was one of more than 2200 Australians who filled out our Parent Survey competition, rating the importance of childhood health issues including online safety, illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol, misuse of medicine, obesity and learning and resilience.

“As a mother of two daughters and a software engineer, I know how important it is to educate our kids about being healthy and choosing wisely in this fast-paced world,” Garima said.

“It was a very emotional moment when I heard I actually won the car. It means a lot to our family. My daughters are both big fans of Healthy Harold. Not only will we have the joy of driving a brand new car, but my daughter, who is 15 and waiting to learn to drive, has an advanced gift to look forward to!”

Understanding what motivates and concerns parents is fundamental to the development of our program so that we can continue to innovate our modules and address current issues.

Hyundai Help for Kids has been partnering with Life Ed since 2014, providing funding support for a range of initiatives including our new inflatable classroom, which helps us reach children in remote and inaccessible areas.