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Leading by example

Friday, 8 Sep 2023

When you ask former Federal Member for Mitchell, Life Ed National Board Member and Life Ed NSW/ACT Chairman, the Hon. Alan Cadman OAM about the evolution and impact of Life Ed, he describes it as an “ongoing journey for the children of Australia.”

For Alan, his passion was rooted in his family and driven by what he saw on our streets.

“I had three boys and I was really concerned about their future. In my 33 years in Parliament, I saw how dangerous the drug scene was. I wanted to know what was going on, what was being done to prevent it. That’s when I found the work of Ted Noffs,” he said.

“He was instrumental in creating this strong education program and while we still have a long way to go, it’s important we continue. I want people escaping drugs and getting away from terrible habits.”

As a proud Rotarian, Life Ed National Board Member and Life ED WA Chairman, Mike McAuliffe shared the same concern when he started his Life Ed journey 40 years ago.

I was motivated to support Life Ed because of the drug and alcohol program. Once you get to know how the program works you can see how wonderful it is, and when you get to speak to past alumni – young people in their 20’s and 30’s who remember Healthy Harold at school, who tell you that this experience stopped them from doing drugs, that is how you know it’s working.
Mike McAuliffe, Life Ed National Board Member and Life ED WA Chairman

Alan and Mike were recently recognised for their outstanding contribution to the work of Life Ed as they were named Life Ed Lifetime Members.

Their support and strong leadership have made a significant impact over the years. In fact, since Alan stepped into his Board and Chairman roles in February 2008, close to 4.5 million children in NSW-alone have benefited from the Life Ed program. Throughout Mike’s tenure, 1.5 million children in WA have had the opportunity to develop critical life skills through Life Ed. Mike’s unwavering support during the COVID-19 pandemic also meant that our work could continue on the west coast.

Their contributions have enabled Life Ed to continue to reach more children across the country, delivering education on the evolving issues – like consent, vaping and online safety – that impact them today.

From humble beginnings – with Mike involved in the development of the very first Life Ed caravan in the northern suburbs of WA, and Alan establishing the first three caravans in the Hills District of Sydney – they are shining examples of how Life Ed is more than just an education program. It’s a movement that unites Australians from coast to coast, and inspires many from governments to grass-roots community groups.