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New technology takes a journey through the human body

Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

Aussie kids across the country will learn about health and safety via cutting-edge technology, with the launch of Life Ed’s innovative new teaching software.

To celebrate 40 years of empowering children through health education, we have revamped one of our most loved teaching tools.

Many are familiar with our friend and mascot Healthy Harold but equally as memorable is his female counterpart, TAM (short for Transparent Anatomical Model).

Since our inception in 1979, 7 million Aussie children have learned about the wonders of the body with the help of this life-sized model, whose veins, arteries, bones, muscles and nerves light up to teach children about their functions.

Not resting on 40 years of success, we’ve unveiled some new technology in our program. TAM-e (or electronic TAM) is a software tool which includes 3D and augmented reality fly-throughs of the human body. It is designed to teach children about the workings of the body including the effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

This type of 3D body software is also used in training medical staff – doctors and nurses about anatomy and physiology. TAM-e has been adapted for a younger audience, and is the only educational software of its kind in Australia for children.

Life Ed Australia Chair Garry Browne said the 3D interactive augmented reality body systems software will create an exciting and deeper learning experience for children, helping them to retain information.

Since our inception in 1979 Life Ed has been an innovator in the health education space. Children today are growing up in an online world and face new and complex challenges. By engaging children in a space that excites and interests them, TAM-e provides a memorable experience to help cement the joy of learning.

Life Ed Educator, Natassja Van Wyhe, said children and teachers are already excited by the new development.

“When schools see TAM-e they are amazed. The kids love it. It’s wonderful to see how they – and the teachers – interact with the software,” she said.

For those of us with fond memories of the old TAM, Ms Van Wyhe said we can rest assured that, along with Healthy Harold and our Mobile Learning Centres with their much-loved stars on the ceiling, TAM will still be an integral part of the Life Ed experience.