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Relate Respect Connect in the daily telegraph

Monday, 19 Feb 2018

How to be respectful in relationships, deal with bullying and conflict resolution are the key planks of a new education strategy for primary school children across the state — with educators also ready to answer tough questions about the #MeToo movement that continues to sweep the world.

Life Ed, the biggest providers of health and drug education to Australian children, has launched a new course this year that is expected to reach about 20,000 NSW kids.

The Relate Respect Connect course for 10 to 13-year-olds has been launched to meet demand from schools and parents for courses to better prepare children for high school.

Life Ed NSW chief executive Kellie Sloane said it goes beyond online cyber-safety and teaches respectful relationships.

“It’s arming kids with tools to manage conflict respectfully, have good friendships, not to bully and it goes to the core of many of the issues we find in the online world,” she said.

Ms Sloane said she expects children will raise questions about the #MeToo movement which has dominated headlines worldwide.

“The #metoo movement is all about in its essence bullying and these are the issues we need to reinforce in children today,” she said.

Last month The Daily Telegraph revealed schools were being told to prepare to have “open and frank” discussions about the #MeToo sexual harassment revolution.

It comes as new research by Life Ed has found online safety is parents’ top concern for their child.

A poll of more than 2,200 Australian parents revealed that an overwhelming 95 per cent believe online safety is “very important” — ahead of illegal drugs.

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