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TAM - e recognised by atom awards

Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

Since being launched earlier this year TAM-e has wowed students and teachers across Australia. This use of 3D and augmented reality has also captured the attention of ATOM Award judges who selected TAM-e as a finalist in the Best Educational App or eBook category.

With 45 categories, the ATOM Awards have been recognising film and media excellence in education since 1982 and Life Ed are thrilled to be included in 2019.

In a world where children engage with screens and technology on a daily basis, it is critical that we use this to help improve the Life Ed experience.

“Life Ed visits have been specially designed to engage students and TAM-e continues this with the use of ground breaking 3D and augmented technology.”

Developed by 3D Anitomica, TAM-e is a software tool which includes 3D and augmented reality fly-throughs of the human body. It is designed to teach children about the workings of the body including the effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Marking 40 years of school visits, TAM-e was introduced as a revamped version of the much loved TAM who had been part of the Life Education experience since 1979. TAM-e isn’t a replacement though. TAM, along with Healthy Harold and our Mobile Learning Centres with their much-loved stars on the ceiling, will remain an integral part of the Life Ed experience.