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Keep Your Cool song

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022
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A single from Healthy Harold's second album 'Harold and Friends', Keep Your Cool song celebrates the virtues of patience, calm and taking it all in stride.

Perfect for any preschool, kindergarten or daycare centre and equally fun to dance along to at home!

Lyrics (Caswell/Spencer)

If you get mad, you can think straight
Your problems seem to escalate
Don’t get yourself into a state
Keep your cool,

If you get angry, you can bet
You’ll say some things that you’ll regret
All because, you got upset
Just keep your cool,

Count to ten, keep your cool
It’s a very simple rule
Don’t blow your stack, just hold it back
Just keep your cool,

Yeh you can talk, but listen too
There are different points of view
And if they may sidagree with you
Keep your cool,

So if you’ve got a point to make
The little extra time you take
Could stop you from making a mistake
Keep your cool,
Could stop you from making a mistake
Keep your cool