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Help Your Child Succeed At School With Dr Judith Locke

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022

With the school year back in full swing after the bumpy ride of COVID, popular clinical psychologist and author Dr Judith Locke shares her strategies on how to help children reach their full potential at school.

Drawing on humorous anecdotes and her experience as a schoolteacher, counsellor, workplace trainer and sought-after psychologist, Dr Locke discusses some of the common pitfalls parents face when navigating the long school journey.

She says rather than expecting all children to be super achievers, parents should be more focused on building their child’s confidence and capability, with motivation, effort and ability often more important than the number of As on the report card.

Author of ‘The Bonsai Child’ and ‘The Bonsai Student’, Judith talks about why parenting styles have changed, how to avoid over-parenting and the five essential skills your child needs at school and beyond – resilience, self-regulation, resourcefulness, respect and responsibility.

From dealing with separation anxiety to managing homework woes, and tips to handle bullying, you won’t want to miss this straight-forward advice from one of Australia’s leading experts on parenting, learning and school success.

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