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Let's Talk About Gaming with
Dr. Kim Le

Monday, 6 Nov 2023

Video gaming can be fun and engaging, but in some cases, what starts out as a hobby, turns into an addiction, interfering with all aspects of life.

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In this episode of the Life Ed Podcast, we explore this growing issue with Dr Huu Kim Le, child and adolescent psychiatrist, internet gaming disorder specialist, and former gaming addict.

Tune in as we talk gaming and online addiction, the impacts and circuit breakers.

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Dr Kim Le

Dr Huu Kim Le is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and internet gaming disorder specialist who sees patients from across Australia via his telehealth private practice CGI Clinic.

His work spans from the clinical treatment of children and young people, and research into gaming disorder in Singapore, India and South Korea, through to hosting SBS On Demand’s “Are You Addicted to Technology?” and leading advocacy through key channels like TEDx.

He is passionate about helping others to enjoy gaming in a healthy way, with his clinic and website supporting families and increasing awareness about internet gaming and overall health.