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"Being Safe"
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The need: 

1 in 4 children aged 8–12 who completed the eSafety Commissioner’s Youth Digital Participation Survey showed experienced unwanted contact and content while online. 

1 in 5 children experienced online bullying-like behaviours in the last month.

Almost half (46%) of children aged 12–13 who experienced at least 1 bullying-like behaviours within a year also used bullying-like behaviours against another child. 

Sources: AIFS (Australian Institute of Family Studies) 2017. The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children Annual Statistical Report 2016. Melbourne: AIFS 

What we teach: 

  • Cybersafety:  safe and respectful behaviour when using communication technology.
  • Drugs: medicines, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Emergency responses.
  • Protective Behaviours:  body warning signs, support networks, help seeking and reporting, identify and responding to coercive and predatory behaviours.
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Access best practice online safety education from a Trusted eSafety Provider

We are proud to be endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider, with cyber safety programs for primary school students.