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Did you know our face-to-face visit is only one (very memorable) part of our “Student Engagement Pathway”?  Life Ed’s “Student Engagement Pathway” includes;

  1. An online ‘tuning in’ session & parent communication before the Life Ed Visit
  2. A visit to your school from one of our specialist educators, either via a van, pop-up classroom, in class delivery… or even Zoom
  3. Click and play interactive activities after our visit, along with resources for parents
  4. And finally, a booster session where you can replay the Life Ed visit as a reminder, and access more activities and homework.

Don’t miss out – book your visit today for 2023.

Together, with your school, we can help children thrive.

*Delivery methods vary from state to state and lessons can be modified to cater for the diverse needs of students.

The student engagement pathway