Ways to Get Involved

All Systems Go

For Years 2 - 4
All Systems Go - Primary Program Module

Inside a futuristic machine ‘The Venture’, the Captain and his crew take the class on a tour of the human body. Travelling through the blood we explore the functions of various body parts and how magnificent the human body really is.


The ‘All Systems Go’ module focuses on the human body; it's uniqueness and what is needed to keep it healthy. This session helps your child understand why maintaining a healthy body and brain is the key to leading an active and productive life, and gives them the tools to make sure they stay healthy. Students discuss issues and engage in activities centered on:
  • The impact food choices have on health and energy levels.
  • The effects of second-hand smoking.
  • Exploring ways to manage peer pressure.
  • The function of vital organs (heart, lungs, brain, kidneys).
This is the core part of the program. If you have booked a visit with Life Ed, this will be delivered in the Mobile Learning Centre or in your classroom by a specialist Life Ed Ed.